Yay, snow!

Today, the great city of Puyallup experienced around 2¾ inches of snow, which was a pleasant surprise for me having been in the desert for the last three winter seasons. Can’t wait to go skiing again! I got an email from my Archaeology instructor informing me that classes had been cancelled for the entire day. When I was in grade school, it is always a welcoming thing to hear that classes had been cancelled. Unfortunately, my Chemistry and Calculus teachers were both going to give us information today about what to study for comprehensive final exams next week. I’m just not as capable for fully appreciating a full day without school as I would like to be. I just finished shovelling the driveway and the sidewalk, and plan to study a little, learn some Christmas music on the piano, and later have dinner with some friends.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took around the house while the snow was still fresh: