Summer Break

I’m out of school until the 24th of September, which means I have time to spare until then… I figured I have time to make another contribution to the blogosphere. During the break, I have yard projects I am doing for my parents, I’m working on several organ and piano pieces, read, blog, and try to get my window fixed on my car (finally!!!) I’ve been waiting so long because I had a ton of large expenses due by the end of August, including annual health insurance, car insurance, rent, and vehicle registration renewal, so I wanted to make sure those were paid off first. The temporary window I fabricated out of clear packing tape (which I consider to be a milestone in my fledgling engineering capabilities) continues to serve it’s purpose extraordinarily well.

I did a bike ride up to Sunrise on Mt. Rainier the other day with my Dad and a friend from Church. I haven’t been much of a bike rider, especially since my bicycle was vandalized at the University of Washington. I was using my Dad’s ‘rain bike’ for this ride, but I am thinking about getting another one some day when I don’t have a lot of expenses due and it’s relatively good weather. Ever since my dad had stents placed in two constricted arteries, he has taken up bicycling, and even completed the Seattle-to-Portland this year.