Board dimensions

Board arwork selection

"Portrait of J. S. Bach" by Elissa Hastings
"Pink Rose" by Elissa Hastings
"Harbor Seals" by Elissa Hastings
"College Life" by Diane Feucht
"Sun Showers" by Diane Feucht

How to play

To begin, select from the available images clips, enter the board width and height (valid range: 3 - 10), then click "Create". The board with the unscrambled image will then be loaded into the game area. Next, click "Scramble". This begins a process where the tiles are randomly moved around on the game area.

When selecting board dimensions, please note that some of the images have a considerable amount of white space, and will end up being near impossible to solve for higher board dimensions.

The object of this game is to place the tiles in order to reconstruct the original image. Click on tiles which are adjacent to the blank square to move them into the blank position. When the board tiles are reordered into the original position, a message box will display to notify the player of the completion of the game.

Artist Credits

Artwork was provided by Elissa Hastings (, and my sister Diane Crum ( Please visit these sites to check out more of their artwork.

Miscellaneous comments

This game was a project I did in order to better familiarize myself with JavaScript / PHP programming.

In the future, I plan to incorporate additional features, to include smooth movement of the image clips, and timers to record game time and click counts.

Feel free to contact me in order to report bugs or recommendations for additional features. Also, please leave a comment below!

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